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What is the Phd in Inspiration Economy

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

What is the Phd in Inspiration Economy

PhD in Inspiration Economy in one sentence could be described as the first types of distinguished postgraduates degrees in ‘inspiration economy’ that focus on raising the capacity of Students to exploit opportunities insides the problems or the challenges or the foresighted future, and thus create a differentiation through live labs or projects that goes beyond the academic achievements only.

Phd in Inspiration Economy programs are accredited post-graduate programs that creates ‘Outcome and Legacy-Oriented’ And ‘Life-Purposefulness-Driven’ graduates. This is a multidisciplinary Postgraduate program that focuses on creating mindsets that sees opportunities in the challenges, through the concept of inspiration economy.

Each of Phd in Inspiration Economy programs uses ‘Disruptive Learning’ to bring ‘Community Development Experts’ that have the ‘capacity to see opportunities inside the challenges’ and ‘can deal with them’ in a creative way. The aim of Phd in Inspiration Economy programs are to build an effective and influential global academic program through partnerships with leading academic institutions that work to qualify experts in ‘inspiration economy’ and ‘inspiration engineering’; to produce trained generations aware of their legacy in life what they visualise the world to be, besides work for it.

The Phd in Inspiration Economy programs are unique as it focuses on real-world learning, and give it weight similar to structured learning while in the same time work in giving the student the chance to see opportunities for social-for-projects, or get an income even while fulfilling the PIE studying requirements. The program is delivered, guided and mentored by field experts, community social workers, civil leaders and multidisciplinary professional that are passionate about ‘inspiration economy’ and its potential outcome in the community.