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Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

SIAS E-Library

Welcome to E-Library

Explore our vast collection of digital books and enhance your reading experience.

Welcome to the E-Library of our university! Our E-Library is a digital treasure trove of knowledge, designed to empower and inspire our students, faculty, and researchers. With easy access to a vast collection of academic resources, research materials, and literary works, we aim to support and enhance the learning and scholarly pursuits of our academic community.

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📣 Announcement

We will be conducting a library orientation for new members on [Date]. Join us to learn about the library's services and resources.


📚 New Arrivals

Exciting news! We've just added new books to our collection. Check them out and dive into captivating stories and knowledge.

About the Library



Our mission is to provide accessible digital books and resources to readers worldwide, fostering a love for reading and continuous learning.



Our vision is to be a leading e-library platform, connecting readers with a diverse collection of quality books and knowledge.

Library Objectives

Provide a secure and conducive learning environment for use of library resources.

To adopt technologies to enhance access to information resources and services for teaching, learning and research

To conduct information literacy and orientation to users in order to provide guidance on use of the library’s collection and inculcate lifelong information skills

Library Policy

Our policy is to respect intellectual property rights and ensure the privacy and security of our users' data.

Library Scope Document

Our library scope document outlines the genres, themes, and categories covered in our extensive digital book collection.


Category 1

Academic Textbooks

Category 2

Research Journals

Category 3


Category 4

Reference Materials


Service 1

Online Circulation Services

In an E-library, users can explore a comprehensive digital catalog.

In an E-library, users can explore a comprehensive digital catalog that includes an array of materials such as books, e-books, journals, research papers, audiovisual materials, and more.

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Service 2

E-Learning and Multi-media Services

We strive to provide more than just a repository of resources; we aim to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Through our E-Learning platform, students and learners of all levels can access a wide array of digital courses and interactive learning materials. Whether you prefer video lectures, online quizzes, or interactive simulations, our E-Library has the tools to enrich your educational journey.

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Service 3

Bibliographic Search Services

Our E-Library takes pride in offering comprehensive and efficient bibliographic support to all members of the academic community.

Navigating the sea of scholarly articles and research papers can be a daunting task, but fear not our skilled team of librarians is here to assist you. Whether you are a seasoned researcher looking for the latest publications in your field or a student seeking academic sources for a project, we've got you covered.

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Ask the Librarian

Hi there! I'm KWIZERA Aniceth, your dedicated librarian. I'm here to assist you with any questions or research inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to me, and I'll be happy to help!

  • Email: kwizogentle@gmail.com
  • Phone: +250 786 418 285
  • Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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