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Program structure

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Program structure

The MSc of Inspiration Economy (MIE) programs are a set of ‘Modules’, so it helps the program advisors and IIEP main academic partners to deliver and measure the intended learning outcome (ILOs) within 12-18 months. In general, all the courses are weighed the same credits, except the final course, which is a graduation project (called the inspiration lab project).The programme will run for two academic years (18 months) with each consisting of two semesters. The programme has a unique way of delivery and assessments. The program is a 50% on campus, 50% on the field, online and self-study.

The practical side of the programs is based on what is called ‘Inspiration Labs’, which are focused projects on a particular problem or potential development opportunities. In tackling, for example, socio-economic issues, the students would learn to take a holistic approach, but still focus on bringing solutions from a specific perspective, for example, from the perspective of differential diagnosis, or observations, or behavioural economics, etc. Each of the proposed courses, even the non-core courses, has a type of ‘inspiration lab’ as part of the course completion requirement. Hence, the MIE student has a chance to be an expert in ‘inspiration labs’ through the repeated challenges in each course taken during the period of 12-18 months of the program.

The program will have Total 12 modules and Thesis that all total to be a minimum of Four semesters:

  • • First semester - (4) modules – Total of 60 credit hours
    • Second semester - (4) modules- Total of 60 credit hours
    • Third semester- (4) modules- Total of 60 credit.
    • Fourth semester- (4) modules- Total of 30 credit.

A student will be able to start Master's Thesis Project from Semester Two.

15 Core modules and a dissertation:
Year –Semester Modules
Year 1 – Semester 1 5modules, each one with 100 hours, 10 credits each
Year 1 – Semester 2 5 modules, each one with 100 hours, 10 credits each
Year 2 – Semester 1 5 modules, each one with100 hours, 10 credits
Year 2- Semester 2 Dissertation (300 hours)- 30 credits
Total of hours for the MSc in Inspiration Economy Program: 1,800h- 180 credits