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Investing In Knowledge

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Investing in Knowledge

Since SIAS is offering original programs that are unique in their type of approaches that target to bring a multidisciplinary driven differentiation to the challenging socioeconomic situations that are evolving over time, we believe that:

a) If you are a scientist, researcher, academic, or expert from any field, you could collaborate with SIAS by research, field problem solving, co-publishing, and/or participate as a voluntary or part-time or visiting teaching staff in any of the above postgraduate programs once accredited.

b) You could send your students for study visits to SIAS and integrate it with its projects.

c) You could participate in sponsoring poverty elimination labs, workshops and forums that target bringing collective solutions to different communities.

d) Besides the above, you could participate in sponsoring a faculty ‘Professor” chair for one month or more, which is about USD$1000-1500 depending on the faculty's academic level of experience.

Please feel free to ask for further information about this initiative which we are sure you would be proud to have participated in its inception.

For Any clarification

about this initiative, you communicate directly with SIAS Founder:

Dr Mohamed Buheji

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For Donations for SIAS Project

" Socio Economic Institute For Advance Studies"

Equity Bank Rwanda PLC - Rwanda

✔ USD $ Account No. 4001200987342
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" Socio Economic Institute For Advance Studies"

Equity Bank Rwanda PLC - Rwanda

✔ Rwandan Franc Account No. 4001200987338
✔ International Swift Code: CITIUS33