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Why an MIE program is essential

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Why an MSc-IE Program is essential now and the future

The socioeconomic, environmental and human problems and their spillovers are expected to rise and become more complex. The needs more mindsets that have the capacity to visualise, develop and solve the problems of communities.

An MIE dedicated program could be an ignition to more initiatives in relevance to better creativity in socio-economic problems solving and where they could be aligned to development strategies. Therefore, having MIE programs that bring generations that are ready to use problem solving and critical thinking to solve such raising challenges is highly essential.

The coming decades are expected to be full of further unprecedented challenges, and conflicts that bring more complexities to communities’ problems. This means more displacements, migrations, refugees, unemployed youth, etc. that complicates life and livelihood again. Hence, we need more programs that prepare professionals and experts that can exploit opportunities inside these challenges and bring communities capacities to mitigate any future loss of life. One of the best ways that reduce the coming spillovers challenges, and socio-economic uncertainties to have an academic program that prepares experts to this future foresight.