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Program Description And Objectives

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Description And Objectives of the MSc-IE Program

As the world is going through a devastating pandemic that influenced both our life and livelihood, more spillovers are expected in every sector and discipline. COVID-19 and the lockdowns for more than 24 months brought challenges, but also opportunities. However, unfortunately, most of the opportunities have gone towards technology relation solutions rather than human-related solutions. The international emergency, the polarization within regions and the world, and the stretch between the leftist and rightist movements have created a shakeup for what we used to know before the outbreak of the virus. Now, globalisation is reviewed and a transformation of new economic powers in many communities, including their socioeconomic situations; are all going through periods of instability and deterioration of quality of life; despite the availability of many resources and sources for development.

In this repeated world crisis that is both man-made and natural, the need for a well-structured approach to address world problems from specific niches is highly in demand. In the international inspiration economy project (IIEP) we found this gap is clear when it comes to preparing a generation of leaders that are considered like socioeconomic physicians who can properly diagnose the contemporary diseases within the communities and give the proper treatment efficiently and effectively. This means setting up an academic institute that brings postgraduates and encourages research that would see problems as opportunities for development.