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History of PhD in Inspiration Economy Program Development

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies only, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Differentiation of (PhD in Inspiration Economy) & its Role in Socioeconomic Development of Rwanda, Africa & the World

As the world is going through a devastating pandemic spillovers that influenced both our life and livelihood, more spillovers are expected in every sector and discipline. The COVID-19 and the lockdowns for more than 24 months brought challenges, but also opportunities. However, unfortunately most of the opportunities gone towards technology relation solutions rather than human-related solutions. The international emergency, the polarisation within regions and the world, the stretch between the leftist and rightist movements have created shakeup for what we used to know before the outbreak of the virus. Now, globalisation is reviewed and a transformation of new economic powers in many communities, including their socio-economic situations; are all going through periods of instability and deterioration of quality of life; despite the availability of many resources and sources for development.

Observing, absorbing, and then realising the new global reality, in both the developed and under-developed countries bring new perspectives to any new initiative, especially if this initiative comes to create a realised socio-economic differentiation between the communities throughout the world. The increase in the gap between the poor and the rich, and the failure to achieve the top Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the elimination of poverty in 2025, means the world needs a new mindset and new approaches to the dominating capital-based economy. Therefore, this PhD education and research program initiated by SIAS would focus on the type of formulas used to deal with today and future problems. It is a PhD Program that sees a silver lining in this world situation and actually attempt to bring the inspiration currency out of it. While most of the world is worried about the rising mental health problems, along with rising communities’ frictions, and more displacement of people due to wars, hunger, and drought, which led to more scarce-driven mindsets, we see opportunities for calibrating the path through the making of future socioeconomic leaders that overcome conflicts and bring in more solutions to these complicated problems. Therefore, and based on the intention of preserving or enhancing those work on the formula of (capacity vs demand) rather than (supply vs demand), the SIAS programs, comes to offer more structured approaches, through its field-structured PhD that create different type of projects that impact that the world needs today and the future, even before graduation.

This SIAS-PhD in Inspiration Economy program promise to ignite positive change in the communities, starting from the developing countries, which would help to overcome the negativity of world conflicts, disasters and crises towards more inspiring experiences, models and stories that could be built starting from Rwanda, Africa and Developing countries.