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Why Study At SIAS

Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Poverty and its Spillovers Globally.

Socioeconomic Institute for Advanced Studies (SIAS)

Joining SIAS as a Postgraduate Student means Establishing Brighter ‘Life Purposeful’ Mission

You can consider that Socioeconomic Institute for Advanced Studies (SIAS) is a hub for establishing, or re-aligning, or emphasising ‘Life-Purposeful’ mission. Despite being selective stimulating learning environment, SIAS model of delivery and focus on realised outcome on the targeted communities or human challenging problems, SIAS postgraduate students would enjoy a rich, highly interactive and personalized learning achievements.

You would be Part of SIAS Multidisciplinary Culture

By joining the unique multidisciplinary culture in SIAS, the students would meet faculties and peers from variety of backgrounds, specialities, experiences, and ethnicity which widen their mindset which opens a collection of opportunities. As a graduate of SIAS you would be either a multidisciplinary thinker, or complex problem solver, or a social-for-profit entrepreneur, or a sustainable development goal (SDG) professional. The job opportunities you would create much more than the jobs you would seek, and that’s what would make you different.

Beyond Conventional Postgraduate Programs

To help our students realise their potential we in SIAS have invested heavily in projects that would be core of any SIAS postgraduate program. The student would be embrace doing impact based projects from first day, as they would experience live labs and projects in every module. This give them as SIAS students to be in the forefront of their communities issues, ‘exploring by doing’ not just learning and /or researching.

Blended Program that is Flexible & Dynamic

SIAS programs are designed since its early blue-print to be based on blended delivery model, where the use of e-learning with strong traditional learning and teaching values would give the postgraduate student the flexible and dynamic learning experience. Since our goal is eliminate the sources or the spillovers of different socioeconomic issues the student would feel the ownership of our mission that is to create a world class leading centre of excellence hub in socioeconomic advancement.

Besides its sound theoretical foundation and a strong practical background, the SIAS programs would have a great future to spread all over the world and you as being one its early degree holders would be leading its impact in the world years to come.

The SIAS leadership team want to ensure easy access to its postgraduate programs for people from different socioeconomic backgrounds; therefore, they provide many convenient services as: an affordable and flexible fee payment mode, in easy instalments of 40:30:30 for the annual tuition. Besides that, SIAS provided easy e-learning access to international postgraduate students, and a good socioeconomic-focused e-library.

The SIAS students are going to meet, learn from, interact with, or be mentored by many visiting professionals and professors that come from different disciplines and that are role models and passionate about creating change in the world. The students would have access to many workshops, forums and conferences conducted by SIAS; also, they would be eligible to publish one paper annually in SIAS peer-reviewed journals.

The multicultural diversity in SIAS would optimise the opportunities that students explore beyond borders. The bi-annual internship of SIAS, in collaboration with its partners, develops an opportunity for students to test their capacity to work with multinational teams and reach more life-purposefulness goals.

“Our Business is not to Graduate MSc and PhD Students in Socioeconomic Studies, but rather bring Graduates that Eliminate Complex Socioeconomic Problems, as Poverty and its Spillovers.”